keep smiling ….

keep smiling ….

  Some days are a bit full on and the news is generally quite depressing 🙁 However try to focus on the positives and keep smiling and stay safe 🙂
u k   l o c k d o w n

u k l o c k d o w n

So much has gone on this month and some massive changes have happened —- for everyone! I’m now getting my head around my children being at home, home schooling and trying to work in amongst. But actually in practise it isn’t so bad – and a...
Day 19  Packaging

Day 19 Packaging

Hope everyone is ok? I’m carrying on with this challenge as I think we should do as much stuff that is normal to keep sane! Wasn’t sure what to post for this prompt, thought about a stack of envelopes I use to send my Etsy orders  – but envelopes are...