u k   l o c k d o w n

u k l o c k d o w n

So much has gone on this month and some massive changes have happened —- for everyone! I’m now getting my head around my children being at home, home schooling and trying to work in amongst. But actually in practise it isn’t so bad – and a...
Day 19  Packaging

Day 19 Packaging

Hope everyoneย is ok? I’m carrying on with this challenge as I think we should do as much stuff that is normal to keep sane! Wasn’t sure what to post for this prompt, thought about a stack of envelopes I use to send my Etsy ordersย  – but envelopes are...
Day 18  Technique/Skill

Day 18 Technique/Skill

So this morning I had a good look through some of my work drawers – I’m not a hoarder but I do tend to keep most of my work things…. Came across lot’s of examples for this prompt – technique.. Over the years I’ve worked with lots of...
Day 17 Proud of

Day 17 Proud of

Really focusing on anything positive at the moment. Trying to stay away from the news as its all a bit crap! So I am sharing some things i’m very proud of! It’s lovely to receive samples from companies and to see how your work translates on products! The...
Day 15  Self care

Day 15 Self care

Exercise is a must for me – it keeps me sane! It clears my head, stops me worrying makes me more efficient and generally a better person/mum/partner/designer!