I thought I’d try and offer a bit more variation on my blog aside from just my Illustration and pattern designs. I have always liked making things, whether it be from paper or fabric and have seen some great ideas on Pinterest. So I have compiled a step by step tutorial for you to follow.

Collage Matchboxes


You will need:

Old matchboxes – or you can buy plain craft boxes

Collage papers – recycled/found/collected paper/patterned paper/photos/drawings

Scissors/glue /letraset (don’t have to have this) / washi tape /double sided tape

Pictures – could be photographs, cut outs from magazines – your own drawings..



Firstly decide on what you want to include on the outside and inside of the box, this can be anything – it could be a simple greeting like “thankyou” and have some photos inside, it could be a saying or quote you like etc.

Print out or cut out your images and find some paper to cover the boxes – just use a simple glue for this.



I have added some washi tape to the edges and used some old book pages to cover the inside of the box. I have added text with a letraset – this is a simple way of transferring type from sheet directly onto your paper – likewise you could handwrite this or type something on the computer then print and cut and stick.


I then cut out a piece of paper to line the inside of the box, added some text and stuck on my camera – I added a small piece of card behind the camera so it sits slightly in relief.


And thats all there is to it ! Have a go x