Time is not something I have a lot of at weekends, so I try and grab time and make the most of it. I’m one of those people who needs to achieve something creative at least once a day – if I can, this could either be at my desk or at least doing something to the house. Our house has been a long term project – it was never that bad but we have lived with a lot of decor that we inherited when we moved in and gradually have been updating it. DIY is not something you can do that easily with children around so mainly jobs like painting have to be done in the evening. I have recently written a list of all those jobs that either need finishing or starting, and I have started some of them. The problem is I am quite impatient and if I get an idea I kind of want to do it there and then.

I am so inspired by so many things on pinterest and have created lots of boards with the hope one day when that stretch of illusive time appears I can re decorate my house, make things, paint, sew etc etc…

First up one thing I wanted to do for ages was frame all the prints I have collected over the years and create a picture wall, see below.

Also had a quick try of macrame – love the techniques of creating plant hangers, I’m going to make lots more ( where I will hang them I have no clue!) see my first attempt below.

And last up we got a kitten – I have wanted a cat for a long time now, having grown up with cats I’m very fond of them, and working from home a lot I like the idea of some company.

Plus I have re addressed the male female ratio in our house, she is called Flora and is from a rescue centre, she is a tortoiseshell with such lovely markings and we have also discovered she is a polydactyl cat meaning she has extra toes. She is so tiny and has just fit in, although I think she finds my youngest son quite scary – I don’t blame her – HE IS LOUD!

Anyway there is my little update done for now!