Degree Shows…

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

I visited the  Manchester Metropolitan Degree shows recently.  I did my degree at MMU, and a lot has changed  since then. I did a Textile degree which was a course focusing on either print,knit or woven textiles, I chose print. The course now is called BA (hons) Textiles in practise, this now appears to of blended with the Embroidery degree which used to be a stand alone course. The course has also moved to a new building which houses all the creative degrees, the shows were impressive with a real diverse set of work. I also very much admired the Illustration with animation course, and I think If I were to choose now Illustration would be my preference.

I have put together a small montage of the photos I took, all work can be viewed in more detail here.




A few new things…

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

A bit of a random post of new things mainly from my sketchbook. Some collage and some line drawings, not sure what these are intended for but they tend to be things i do when I have a bit of time away from everything else! London bound tomorrow – will be a busy trip but hoping it will spark some new ideas, aiming to take lots of pictures!






more little collages….

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Loving doing these collages! Felt really inspired this week, I visited the MMU –Manchester Metroplolitan university degree shows – will post my pictures soon. I did my degree there, alot has changed since, they now have a big fancy building that houses all the creatives degrees, great work, makes me want to do another degree, if I had my time again I would do illustration, loved the work.







Sunday, June 15th, 2014

A few new things from over the weekend – still really enjoy doing paper based work, as much as I also like working digitally I still like to produce work directly with pens and paper. I have always really liked collage I have a vast collection of found and sourced papers, I used to do some of my freelance work in this style but most people are now looking for the flexibility of digital files. So to continue on with my own work thought I would start using this technique again.






Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

I have just started a new online class which I am really looking forward to, essentially I can use Illustrator but realise there is so much of the vast programme I just don’t know. I am self taught and have picked up new techniques over the years and watched a lot of online tutorials. The pen tool was always really frustrating for me, it never gave me the look I was after, then I discovered Live trace and learnt how to convert my hand rendered line studies to vector. I have never been a big fan of clean cut graphics, much prefer to see more irregular lines and textures. So hope I will learn even more and build on the basics I know now. Looked back through some of my old design work and realised how far my work has moved on and in particular over the last year or so. This piece below contains some of my original flat vector drawings with some of my new illustrations – like the blend..



Monday, June 9th, 2014

I have done some further ideas combining my drawings with fabric and stitch. I think these could work framed or possibly photographed then printed, not sure where they will end up but I think I will just continue as and when I find the time!








pages from my sketchbook…

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

I am managing to keep up with my book, I have no real theme for what I draw, sometimes a page in a magazine inspires me or images on pinterest. I started a board on vintage tins, I love the old typography and packaging, I did some quite quick line studies with a naive approach and added some hints of colour with fineliners.



I would love to try and do some screen printing using imagery like this, I did a course last summer with Print Garage at Unit Twelve , I learnt the basics of a three colour print and it was really interesting to see how relatively easily it is to set up the equipment at home. Unit twelve is based in Staffordshire and run by Textile artist Jennifer Collier, it is a really inspirational place, I have visited twice, once with a group of students for a workshop and then again for the screen printing course. She runs ongoing exhibitions, at present she is showcasing some of her work, ranging from sewing machines made of paper to sheds and household objects all crafted from found paper.

Screenshot 2014-06-08 21.44.02

Screenshot 2014-06-08 21.45.38

 Images from Unit twelve Gallery – Jennifer Collier

A few last bits from my book – first of which is imagery I seem to return to frequently, kitchen inspired line drawings and then to follow some coloured line typography and pattern.



Stitch samples…

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

It’s been ages since I actually did any stitch based work, time just seems to go so quickly and I still would love to create a small collection of  ‘things’ to sell (not sure what those things will be just yet…)

Anyway was doing some stitch based work for my freelance work yesterday so quickly experimented with some fabric/text/stitch samples, I have used elements of some of my London sketch and fused with fabric and patterns. Must remind myself to do this more often..







Monday, June 2nd, 2014

I spotted some of my designs today on boys Pyjamas in Sainsburys for their TU collection. So nice to see where your work ends up and equally good because I have 2 boys and my youngest will love these!







Sunday, June 1st, 2014

It is the first of June and the sun is out! There is lots happening in June, the world cup is big news in our house, my eldest son is football mad and it’s his first proper World cup that he can follow. Wimbledon also starts later in the month which is something I always enjoy watching. And i’m off to London in the next few weeks with a group of students  – such a great city with so much to see. Hoping to get inspired whilst there. I started drawing some line studies of London based things, was up far too late last night but had an idea so had to go with it!



My ideas initially started in black and white, then I experimented with fills and pattern and here is the result..