Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

I try to always have a sketchbook or at least a stack of paper so I can always be getting ideas on paper even if it is just a handful of line sketches – quite often these can turn into an idea. Working mainly on my freelance work currently, but grabbed a bit of time to turn these drawings into a pattern- think this could work on kitchen textiles, maybe teatowels.





Little Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

Visited the Little Great Northern contemporary Craft Fair today, I have been to these smaller events before and they are always really inspiring. They are smaller spin off events from the main event which is held in Manchester every October, which I intend to visit again.

Lots of great exhibitors really nice to talk to other designer makers and see their work, makes me even more determined to get myself something up and running, possibly thinking about applying to the next event.

A real mix of exhibitors ranging from ceramics, jewellery, textiles, illustrators etc. Thought I would gather together some images to share some of the types of work on show.

One of my favourites was a new little company called Gerda and Goose. They had such a nice and unique set of work, difficult to describe, but essentially little collages containers using various old sardine tins etc and some lovely accessories.

I bought a little tin as I couldn’t resist…





Thought I would include their description!

Another exhibitor I really liked was surface pattern designer Sally Newall (link to her etsy shop). Had to buy one of her lampshades and lavender hangers! She screen prints and appliques a range of home accessories – take a look at her etsy shop.




Also a fan of Ruth Greens work, simple screen prints – last time I went I bought an owl print from her…



No time..

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

Time at the moment is just flying by, and annoyingly the one thing that is suffering is my work. Has just been easter so children around for 2 weeks – hardly get anything productive done, busy at work, deadlines looming for the students so have done some extra days and then we are marking coursework for pretty much all of May, so more extra days to do. None of this is helping the fact that SURTEX is just around the corner and I need desperately to do some work for my agent. Looks like the only way to do it all is lots of late nights….

Managed to do this though! random doodles…



weekend away…

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Had a lovely bank holiday weekend in Wales – lots of sun and trips to the beach!

Took some photos along the way and collected some lovely wild flowers stems which I hope to use for some ideas.












Have ideas underway for my entry to the Umbrella Prints trimmings competition, have scanned in the fabrics and plan to use them with some illustrations and make something with the actual fabric pieces, hope it will work – here is a small preview..






Finally had a bit of time to do some sketches whilst away, inspired by some of the coastal cottages in Wales 🙂




Monday, April 14th, 2014

A new batch of my purses are finished – can’t take the credit for the making of them my mum has done all the hard work, I just do the decorative bit!















A small illustration…

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Just a small illustration, folk inspired, really like symmetrical designs  – I have used the bird from my lino prints, would like to do more of these..




a mix

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Mixed together some of the patterns and illustrations that have featured on here so far and came up with this – inspired by the illustration from my sketches I posted earlier …



Inspired by this I posted earlier!




Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

I’m often inspired by techniques I teach at work, one of which I’ve always been fond of is Lino printing. I remember first Lino printing during my art foundation course years ago, had a bit of a go this week with some simple shapes. Got some ideas to do more, but was pleased how these initial prints turned out..








Seem to constantly be creating sheets of drawings/sketches of which most I use for my freelance work, but these were a real random lot which I scanned and coloured, quite like the fact the images are all unrelated!





Sunday, April 6th, 2014

It seems a reoccurring theme is emerging, had a number of ideas relating to some sketches I did of birds. Also had a mention on a few blogs over the last few days – nice to get some comments about my work. Firstly Rebecca Stoner included one of my owls within her Fab Friday Finds montage, really nice to see my work on there!



Secondly a mention from Emma Frances and recognition for all my hours spent collating images on Pinterest – thankyou!



Returning back to my Bird ideas, I have done some more appliques based on some simple sketches – still not sure what to do for the Umbrella Prints trimmings competition, I’m really bad at making decisions and quite often over think everything. These little ideas have led to an idea to use the fabric which I now just need to do and stop faffing.









Finally scanned in my drawings and experimented with some ideas to a pattern, I would like to at some point get some of my designs printed on fabric, noticed a lot of people use Spoonflower which is a company based in the US who print designs onto various fabric types. Would be great to work with my own patterns when making purses and bags etc.





One final simple bird print…